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special programs and services

COVID-19 and the digital divide

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have suspended our usual colorcoded dream, play, grow programs. We want everyone to stay safe during the pandemic! While we can't lose sight of our mission to introduce underrepresented groups to technology and tech careers, we are extending our efforts to actively address the digital divide.


As many companies, schools and other entities are moving to online work, lack of internet access and technology means underrepresented, rural and low-income households will be left behind. In April 2020, a poll conducted by Pew Research revealed the following: 

  • 43% of parents in low-income households reported their students would have to complete their school work on a cell phone

  • 40% must rely on public wi-fi access, due to no or insufficient access at home

  • 36% reported their children would not be able to complete school work due to lack of equipment

With these inequities in mind, our offerings now include the following special services:



We work with local corporate partners to obtain surplus computer equipment for our IT interns to restore to working condition. We then make these computers available to youth, entrepreneurs and nonprofit organizations to borrow or keep. Contact us if you or someone you know has a need for this service.

digital/technology education

We're heading to YouTube! Remote learning, social distancing and alternate education programs mean people of all ages are using technology in new and different ways. Our weekly short videos will cover practical topics to help navigate today's virtual learning environment. Contact us if you want to submit a topic!

internet access

Affordable home internet access is still out of reach for many households. Our team can help households explore options provided locally by AT&T, Spectrum and Mobile Beacon and multiple school districts. Where none of those options are available to a needy household, we can provide mobile hotspots to help households get and stay online (some restrictions apply).

virtual and socially distant career programming

Look out for the following programs and services in Fall 2020 through Spring 2021 seasons: virtual career fairs and job panels with local companies, virtual college and IT program tours, advertisement and sponsorship from colorcoded to send youth to virtual programs with other organizations, and a test pilot for our NEW hybrid in-person (distanced) and online training program. 

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