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Once youth have completed our beginning programs and at least one advanced program (or comparable training), they are eligible to work for us in a paid internship, or with a corporate partner who offers high school internships. Internships can be completed during the school year, working with an afterschool program, or during the summer, supporting one or more camps. Pay is competitive and reflective of the promising salaries that can be achieved by working in the computing and technology industry.



We work with local corporate partners to match students with potential internships. Eligibility requirements, pay, and details of the internship are defined by the corporate partner.

program assistant

Program assistants help with technical setup and breakdown, help other youth to complete technical tasks, and act as mentors for program youth. Requirements: completion of beginning and advanced camps in the topic area.


Instructors lead fun, engaging lessons on our technical topics. We provide the lesson content and support during every session. Requirements: high school level and prior employment as a program assistant.

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