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Our low-cost one-day camps introduce middle school students to explore a technical topic of focus with hands-on activities and an introduction to related technical careers. We can hold separate girls only or co-ed (for all genders and nonconforming) workshops at designated locations throughout the school year. We can also hold special on-site workshops for community groups and schools by request. Lunch and/or snacks are provided.


build a computer

Students will disassemble and reassemble a desktop computer, then refurbish and customize a laptop computer that they can keep for themselves upon completion.

intro to robotics with Meeperbots

Students learn about different types of robots, how robots work, and how to control Meeperbots using block programming. 

data and graphics for social issues

Students learn about data and information, how to gather data and statistics, and how to visually represent data to communicate an important social issue. 

intro to digital music

After an introduction to basic music elements including how to count beats and bars, students learn to use Garage Band software to create their own custom music track.

manage a project

Through a combination of fun games and instructions, students learn waterfall and agile project management, and the role of a project manager.

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